Jay Froneman - Creator Of MMU

Jay Froneman is the founder of Millionaire Mindset University, an online university built to help aspiring online entrepreneurs build a foundation to your dream online business. On this website you’ll find courses ranging from Drop Servicing, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media and many other high income skills. Please note that the courses on this website are not magic potions to suddenly make you $500 a day while lying on the beach. Execution, consistency and passion is key!

Hi, my name is Jay Froneman. I’ve personally built two online businesses from home that generate me 5 figures per month each by the age of 20. I’ve learn’t more valuable information on the internet (for free) than university and school combined. Universities charge $1000’s for courses, certificates and degrees that will lead 50% of you straight into the unemployment line. Millionaire Mindset University will help you build a foundation to work from home and anywhere in the world.

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